What are the best way for managing financial risks and its impact on families? (250 words)

One of the risks my family and I face in this world is financial risk. Being dependent on employment puts me at risk if anything happens in the future, and I will not be able to work again. To manage this risk, I ensure I save a certain percentage of the money I earn monthly. Another way I manage financial risk is by reducing the family expenses by finding suitable alternatives. One fundamental way to do this is to plan what will be used and prioritize what a need and want is.
Another risk my family and I face is a health risk. To manage health risk, all member of the family has health insurance, and hence in case any member of the family falls ill, insurance will take care of all the expenses. The second way to manage health risks is by ensuring that we consume a healthy diet. All the meals we consume at home have low calories with a lot of consideration on fruits and vegetables. We also have a family gym where we often exercise to ensure we maintain a healthy body. To assess the progress and success of strategies to address these risks, we frequently meet to plan what can be necessary for the family. After the meeting, we set goals and timelines, which are used to establish the progress of the strategies.

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