What is the role of nurses in promoting patient care? (300 words)

Nurses play an essential role in ensuring patients get quality care and safety will be guaranteed. One of the roles nurses plays is in providing direct care to the patients. Taking care of the patients helps to ensure that they meet the needs of the patients and that their health conditions will improve. The second role is carrying out interdisciplinary processes to achieve the organization’s goals. All nurses in an organization, despite their titles, play their roles to ensure the organization’s needs are met. Another vital role includes planning and decision-making to achieve quality healthcare, and patient safety is guaranteed.
In my organization, two key people oversee ensuring quality healthcare is provided in the organization. The CEO manages the organization’s operation while the CNO ensures that all the processes are running smoothly. Jones indicates leadership plays a crucial role in providing quality healthcare is achieved, and this is through the policies created and implemented. Organizational culture has helped promote innovation and team building, which has helped improve communication and, hence, service delivery. Senior leadership in the organization support changes, and they encourage all the members to come up with ways to improve efficiency. The programs go through testing first to see if they will work efficiently in the organization, which has helped improve the quality of healthcare the facility provides to patients.

One of the strategies that I can implement includes adopting information technology in most processes. It will help to do work easier, especially in record keeping. Communication will also improve as all the professionals can share what they have efficiently, and nurses will take less time to take care of patients as most of the processes will be timely. Another strategy would be a frequent training of employees. Sujin, in his article, indicates training helps make the employees committed and develop a patient safety culture.

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