What is deskilling and is it still an important component of production?

You are not permitted to use sources from beyond the module. You are not permitted to use poor quality web sources such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, Economics Help, etc. Therefore, do not to begin with Google (e.g. by Googling the division of labour). This is because some of the results Google produces include inaccurate claims about the division of labour what Donald trump might call fake news. We are emphasising you use the module readings, rather than off-module resources, to avoid repeating errors from previous years in your essay and exam. Students in the past who have used off-module resources have included inaccurate information in their essays and have had marks deducted as a consequence. This is easily avoidable by simply sticking to the module readings. How to write an essay To write your essay, you must draw on your analysis of seminar readings and from your engagement with the module. There is no set amount of reading that one has to do, but in general we recommend that you use at least four related module readings which may mean reading eight texts. In relation to the question(s) set, one should focus on the ideas and module readings that have struck you most, why they have impacted on you, how they confirmed or altered your thinking on a topic, how they made use of theory and/or data to complicate a topic or challenge common-sense, how they related to, were an improvement upon, and/or different to other readings, how your thinking altered over the course of the module (if it did), etc.

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