What is the impact of climate change of the quality of lives of the people? 650 words

Climate Change

Climate change has been a topic of interest, especially during the 20th century and now the 21st century. I believe the climate is changing, and this is evident from the various catastrophic climate impacts such as extreme floods and extreme drought, among others faced in different parts of the world. Weather patterns are changing, and I can note some few years back, the rainy season used to be at specific times of the year, but now the situation is different. According to different researchers, scientists learn about past global temperature and climate using various historical and environmental records. The use of the satellite has also been beneficial to establish the past environment, and they use it to compare it with the current situation. It is reported now that the world’s temperature is rising, which is referred to as global warming, and both plants and animal life are affected. They can then give a comprehensive picture of the expected climate in the coming future using the records found.
Greenhouse gases have been attributed as the leading causes of climate change globally, and they are due to various human activities. Some of the gases that affect the climate include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, Fluorinated gases, among others, and they are responsible for absorbing and emitting infrared radiation. The industrial revolution in the world has led to increased human activities that release various greenhouse gases that lead to the increase in temperature of the world. It has potentially harmed the ecosystem and hence the livelihood of people living in the world. NASA indicates that climate has regularly been changing, and climate change in the modern era can be attributed to human civilization. The evidence they give indicates the global rise in temperature, oceans warming, shrinking ice sheets, global retreat, decreased snow cover, the rise in sea level, and extreme weather conditions that continue to be faced in the world.
According to the EPA data, some of the expected impacts of climate change in North Carolina include rising sea levels, change in plants that grow in the region, and bid and intense storms. North Carolina stretches to the sea, and a rise in sea level will affect the area, and more storms will be experienced, which means the people and their economic activities will be affected. The presence of pesticides and other toxic chemicals due to human activities will affect aquatic life, which will kill some of the livelihoods of the people who depend on fishing in the banks of North Carolina. Climate change is also responsible for the extreme change in the weather pattern, and hence when there is drought, it will be experienced for a long time, which applies to cold weather during winters. Other sectors that the people of North Carolina engage in that will be profoundly affected by climate change include agriculture and livestock rearing. Some of the notable agricultural produce in the area, including sweet potatoes, tobacco, cotton, peanuts, and apples, will be affected by the current rate of climate change. Presently, the change in climate in North Carolina cannot be felt, but after a few years, changes will start to be seen.
Using this evidence above, I can firmly convince them that climate is indeed changing. Recently, there have been many conventions organized that focus globally on handling climate change, especially in countries that lead in the manufacturing of various products, such as China and the United States. In one of the news articles I sometimes read back, farmers in Africa are complaining about how what they plant are not growing, and no rain was previously experienced sometimes again. The situation indicates that there is climate change, and it will affect all the world’s people. Strategies need to be put in place to ensure we control climate change and that it will not affect the coming generation. It would be through teaching people to avoid deforestation, implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and using renewable sources of energy to help protect nature and prevent climate change.

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