Will advancement in technology create mass permanent unemployment and great suffering among the people? 700 words

Impact of technology on the people

Technology has changed the way human beings have been doing things, and it has helped to bring efficiency and reduce the cost associated with performing tasks. I believe advancement in technology will bring mass permanent unemployment globally, and only the innovative will survive. Just to take your mind back to the end of the 20th century, before the introduction of the computer in most sectors, human beings used to perform most of those tasks. When computers began to be used, it reduced the work that used to be done, and some of the people lost their jobs since most of the job was automated.
People in all the sectors will be affected as currently, we have self-driving cars and washing machines that I believe will lead to mass unemployment. Looking on a global scale, people who work in the finance and manufacturing sector will also be profoundly affected as robots will replace them in doing tasks. The presence of machines is a benefit as well as a disadvantage to human beings. There need to be initiatives created to ensure human beings will not be affected by the robot’s presence, and there will be no confit.
With continued improvement in technology, more people will lose their employment since the machine is efficient and has far much fewer demands than human beings. To offer solutions, Arne suggests that we need to create theories and have the perspective of sociologists to come up with solutions. It is a fact that machines are making work more manageable, efficient, and not demanding regarding payment, health insurance, and maintenance. In a way, this will affect all human beings hence a challenge that needs to be addressed now. Andrew indicates that the future looks bleak for people who are not ready to embrace the machine age or any change brought forward by technology. Digital revolution has been used to increase productivity and accelerate innovation globally, and more are set to come in the coming future. I support this as technology has proved it is here to stay, and it is for people to find ways to adapt to the change. I believe only the innovative will survive, but there need to be strategies put in place to ensure there is a good transition for human beings. Technology has brought a lot of job opportunities, but in my thought, the significant percentage of those who benefit has been the young generation. The older generation has been forced to change the way they have been doing their business, but still, that is not enough as the robot will further transform the job industry. Those without education will be the ones to feel the impact first, as even the robots will need educated people to control them.
As Young states in his article, the presence of machine learning, big data, and robotics will negatively affect employment opportunities. In one of the studies, he indicates that approximately 47% of the workforce, especially the older generation is at risk of losing their jobs within 25 years because of technology in the United States. I support the initiatives that Young states would help reduce and prevent the unemployment rate, including providing educational programs, government-led initiatives, and work-related initiatives. As a software developer who has been in the industry for over 20 years, Martin was inspired to write about the threat that robots have on the employment of human beings. One sector that he indicates will be profoundly affected is the manufacturing industry that currently employs billions of people globally. One ethical question is, when robots replace human beings, where will this human being go? I think that people will be paid to stay at home, but that is not beneficial at all. Every day I wake up to more news about innovations that people are doing, and the main subject they focus on is making work more manageable. One field that I feel will influence mass unemployment in the next few years is Artificial intelligence, which major technology companies worldwide are working on. What will be left for human beings is to be innovative and avoid being replaced by robots. Strategies need to be put in place to ensure technological advancement will not lead to the mass unemployment of human beings now and in the future.

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