(What? So what? Now what)that is related to theoretical concepts on group/team dynamics. using Belbin Theory on Group.


In this essay you will use a reflective framework (What? So what? Now what?) in order to make sense of the personal and professional relevance of the group activity which you conducted as part of this module. For this activity you will have prepared a presentation that is related to theoretical concepts on group/team dynamics. You will not be asked to solely describe but to understand how working with other people affects results now and in the future. You have to demonstrate throughout how you used the reflective framework. This is best done by structuring your essay according to the reflective framework and by mentioning its components in the relevant places. You will be asked to support your ideas frequently with evidence from print sources (journal articles and books) that you have located via the Leeds Beckett library search engine (Discover). In this assignment you must focus only on one idea important to group work and interaction. You may choose concepts such as communication, leadership, non-engagement, task avoidance and many others, but again, only one of those. In your essay you should first briefly describe the model of reflection i.e (Gibbs Reflection Model) you are using and its utility for nursing. You should then go on to describe the instances or instances in your group work that you will be evaluating and analysing in your essay. You should then go on to discuss how your experiences made you feel and how the instances you describe might have affected others. You should then try to explain your observations with reference to the theory which you have presented in your group presentation. In the final section you should link your experience and your evaluation to your own practice as a nursing associate student as well as a future nurse. Here you should make reference to empirical (research based) literature from the field of healthcare as well as to policy and guidance documents (for example the NMC Code). Overall your assignment needs to have a clear introduction, a main body which focuses on your reflection and a conclusion in which you summarise your argument. The marking framework for this essay is below. This will be used in conjunction with the Level 4 academic criteria which you can find at the end of this handbook.

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