You Are The Network Manager For A Consulting Firm That Needs To Install A Backbone To Connect Four 100Base-T Ethernet LAN Segments (1600 words)

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery. 

Read the Case: “Smash-Up: How a Violent Car Crash Provided Lessons in Business Continuity and Succession Planning

    1. You may have to log in as an insider, give your Metrostate address and search for the article:–how-a-violent-car-crash-provided-lessons-in-business-continuity-and-succes.html
    2. I/T personnel probably have deep technical skills but lack business understanding and clout of a person they need to fill-in for in a case like this. How would you prepare them for the additional responsibility?
    3. Describe in detail the 5 major steps you would perform in planning for business continuity and disaster recovery (use Microsoft Word’s table format)


Discuss pros and cons of Risk Management and Risk Assessment for a company that conducts some of its business over the public Internet.

    1. List three positive and three negative reasons for using the public Internet.
    2. Describe in full detail at least five measures that the company can take to protect their information over the public Internet.


Develop a Request For Proposal (RFP) for transitioning all sites of a medium-sized pharmacy chain with 25 locations in 7 states from a shared to a switched LAN environment.  Assume that each branch pharmacy has five PCs, three printers, two POS workstations with connectivity to credit card verification service over a WAN data link.  There is a daily 36kbps dialup WAN connectivity from each remote to HQ today, and the link is too slow.

Include the following criteria:

    1. Organizational Overview
    2. Requirements Definition
    3. Solution Features Desired
    4. Number of Users
    5. Current Environment / Installed system
    6. Contact, Due Date


Name and explain in detail 5 basic control principles of a Secure Network for MinnEast Bank System. This is a large bank with thirty-seven branches that are connected to a data center which hosts transaction servers of various types. Each branch has personal computers and ATM machines connected to its own server via LAN or WAN circuits. The branch servers store the daily transaction data and transmit to the data center several times per day. Tellers use eight-digit passwords. Your answer could include a variety of asset types including: hardware, circuits, network software, client software, organizational data and mission critical applications.


Chicago Consulting (REQUIRED TO BE ANSWERED)

You are the network manager for a consulting firm that needs to install a backbone to connect four 100Base-T Ethernet LAN segments (each using a 48-port switch) to a core switch. The LANs are all in the same building and they also need connectivity to an ISP for Internet. There are also two wireless access points for mobility in conference rooms on each LAN segment. Develop and draw a simple backbone and determine the total cost (i.e., select the device and price it) for all of the required network components. You do not need to include the cost of cabling in this exercise, though of course it is a vital cost.

  • Your answer must have a drawing and a spreadsheet illustrating the individual component and total costs.
  • Use prices from


Data Center

Organizations spent (lots of) money for service providers to house their servers, databases and host their VoIP, network and other applications.

  • Why would they do so?
  • Name 5 reasons and explain each IN DETAIL.


Network Upgrade

Smith, Smith, Smith and Smith is a regional accounting firm that has a 300-computer network spread over three buildings (A, B, and C) of four floors each. There are also two printers and two wireless access points on each floor. There is a server room on the second floor of Building A which is accessible to all internal users. The current Shared HUB and CAT3 network is poorly designed for current needs and must be completely replaced.  Smith must also communicate securely with customers through the internet. The current voice network is NOT part of the redesign, but recommendations should accommodate VoIP in the future.

  • They are concerned with the number of current network errors. They have neither visibility to the errors nor to poorly running circuits or network equipment. Describe in detail how your design of the building, network management and specify cable planning will reduce network errors.
  • Develop and draw a design of the new recommended LAN/WAN network. Label each network device and show speeds of LAN/WAN circuits. Then explain in detail why you chose each component.


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