U.S History Final Paper (600 words)

Historians often characterize the period from Thomas Jefferson’s presidency to Andrew Jackson’s presidency as a dynamic, paradigm shift. For this assignment, describe at least three aspects of this shift, either good or bad, including how Jefferson’s and Jackson’s personalities or beliefs influenced each aspect either directly or indirectly.  Example:  Both Jackson and Jefferson claimed to represent the “common man” but did they really?  How did this claim influence their decisions while in office?

You must:

Write 500-750 words using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Do not use first person pronouns such as I and we.

Follow the MLA Style Guide as shown on the Purdue Owl Writing Lab at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/.

Use a 12-point font such as Arial or Times New Roman, 1″ margins, and double space. Be sure to give your submission a descriptive title and include other heading information as specified in the MLA Style Guide. It is not necessary to include an abstract since this paper is so short.

Use the textbook as one source, then find at least two other scholarly sources for a total of three sources.  Note: Wikipedia and Shmoop are not acceptable sources.


Although most of the paper should be in your own words, judicious use of quotations and/or examples from your sources will strengthen your argument. Therefore, use of quotations will count 25% percent of your essay grade. A good rule of thumb for “judicious use” is that Turnitin should report 25% or less of your paper as coming from other sources. You may submit your assignment as many times as you wish.  I grade only the latest submission so if you find your Turnitin percentage is too high, work on your paper and resubmit. I will grade it only once.  You may not resubmit with corrections after I post your grade.

The quotations should include appropriate in-text citations following the MLA style laid out in the Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab.  Include a reference for each source you use at the end of your submission on a Works Cited page, again using MLA style. Note: You will get a 0 for your essay grade if you plagiarize (quote without citations and/or not including source references).


Submit your paper as a MS Word or pdf document to the assignment dropbox.  It will automatically be sent through Turnitin to check for originality and plagiarism.

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