You will be writing an informational report, which typically follows a direct pattern.

Individual Informational Business Ethics Report Content of Report – clear and concise information presented in an organized manner APA Style, Grammar, Spelling, etc. Instructions: 1. You will be writing an informational report, which typically follows a direct pattern. Youll have an introduction, facts/findings, and a summary. The length of the report is as follows: Title Page, 2-3 pages of information, references page. A Table of Contents is NOT required for this report. An Abstract is also not required. Please use APA style for your citations and references. This report is short enough that headings are not required. If you do include headings, make certain they are APA style headings. 2. You are going to report on some facet of business ethics for this report. Remember in an informational report you are only presenting the facts; there is nothing to interpret or recommend. Your introduction and summary will take up approximately page, so your actual facts will only be approximately 1 -2 pages long. Your possibilities are almost endless! You may pick something you have heard about already or something you know nothing about. This report needs to be on a very specific It may be about a company or individual that has gotten into trouble over an ethical issue or perhaps ways to avoid ethical lapses in a particular field. If you keep it too broad, theres no way you can get the information in two pages. Please look at the next page for a list of what your sources will be. If you cannot think of anything you want to report about, browse through the UNA library website, and Google for ideas. 3. Even though you should follow the 3 Step Writing Process, I only want to see the final product for this assignment. Please remember all of the parts of the process from Ch. 4-6 and Ch. 13-15 that will help you create a clear and concise written document. Consider the audience and purpose. Conduct your research. Create a Work Plan. Prepare an outline to keep you focused. Write your draft. Revise and proofread. Evaluate to see if you said what you meant to say. 4. There is no need for tables, charts, diagrams, etc. in this report unless you want to have them. However, this cannot count as part of your 2-3 pages in the report. These items take up approximately page each, so you need to add that amount to your report length for every item you incorporate. No List of Tables/Figures will be required even if you include these items in your report. 5. I recommend that you use the template for the scholarly journal summary for this assignment since it is already formatted for APA headers and title page. 6.This report will be submitted to the dropbox in the module for this assignment and will go through TurnItIn to check for plagiarism. 7. You must have at least 3 different types of sources in your informational report about business ethics. Your sources may be: books, web pages, magazines newspapers scholarly, peer-reviewed journals other appropriate sources you find I want to see AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT TYPES of sources used for this assignment

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