What are the best way to improve quality in healthcare? (300 words)

Quality healthcare is a need that human beings require to be effective in their everyday activities. One area in that I have seen an improvement is the development of effective teams that seek to meet the patients’ needs. The most prominent challenge has been in the effective use of information technology. One sector has been impacted by the adoption of information technology in healthcare. When correctly used, it helps improve efficiency and reduce the workload for the team. Most of the processes in the hospital setting have adopted the use of technology, and it has helped make work easier for the organization. The challenge is ensuring that the healthcare team’s use is effective to improve the processes. Frequent training is the quality improvement strategy that the management can use to ensure all employees are comfortable using IT in their service delivery. In her article, Ratzliff argues that changing the team’s behavior can ensure that the quality of healthcare improves. The strategy can help address time which is essential in this sector. When training is done and the employee is good at using the technology, time will be saved, which will be a good case of behavior change.
Every day in the hospital, there is a massive queue of people waiting to be served. One way the challenge can be eliminated is employing technology to communicate with the patient, which will reduce the number of people who come to seek services. Communication between the team will improve, and critical areas such as record keeping will be addressed. When the team can access data quickly and communicate, the time they spend taking care of a patient will reduce, making them cater to the needs of many people within a short time. Inter-professional collaboration can improve quality in this area by ensuring all healthcare facilities adopt the use of IT in their service delivery. It will ensure communication and efficiency are improved, making the quality of healthcare development in the country, and the people will highly benefit.

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