Create the following documentation

Resources:o® video, Visio 2016 Essential Trainingo Design Tools article located within the Week Two Electronic Reserve Readings You work for a regional company that provides payroll and benefit administration services. The company is opening a new regional office and you have been tasked with the following:o Designing a hybrid wired and wireless network that meets the defined uses and requirements o Summarizing a test plan for the new network installation Network Uses and Requirements are as follows:o The new office will have five accountants, five support staff, and an IT administrator.o The accountants and the IT administrator will each have separate offices.o There will be one conference room.o The support staff will have a shared space with separate work stations.o In addition to the computers, the following devices will be on the network and shared by everyone:o Two high-end color Laser Jet multifunction printers with copy, scan, print, and fax capabilitieso Two low-end single function laser printers o E-Mail Servero File Server, which contains several data base so Print Servero The employees in the new office will also need access to the main office network and Internet.o A guest network is also needed for customers that provides Internet access.Create the following documentation:o A network diagram illustrating your network design created in Microsoft® Visio®; including the appropriate security features, labeled network components, and the correct diagram shapes.o A 1-page executive summary explaining the design and identifying the high-level components included in the network installation test plan.Submit the Microsoft® Visio® file and the Executive Summary.Note: Your network design will be used in the Week Five Individual Assignment titled, “Network Performance Troubleshooting Processes.”

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