The impact of branding for luxury hotel customers: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

this is a dissertation for a master?s degree in MA management. The work will also be carried out through surveys and research questionnaires to about 50 people who belong to the target interested in the research (NO INTERVIEWS AS WROTE IN THE FORMATIVE PROPOSAL). You have to change this passage with just questionnaire. These results will show the answer to the initial research questions. The maximum of words is 10000 but I have already written 3000 for the proposal and I received the feedback of my supervisor for me to improve the work; so you can start to work on other 7000 words based on my first 3000 words and you can change my words based on supervisor’s feedback; this is important: you have to continue to write based on my proposal and not with a new beginning because my supervisor liked it. Plagiarism that must not exceed 15% is important, so it must be a totally personal work. Attached you will find all the files that may be useful to you including my educational proposal, my supervisor?s feedback and an example of dissertation from my university for a clearer structure for the construction. The sources have to be recent and not too old. For anything please contact me. The total paper is maximum of 10000 words. Please review the 3000 words and and there are comments from the professor, you might need to polish the 3000 words. Please use the excess to 7700 words so I dont have to pay extra. I need a Table of content and abstract too(included in the 7000 words) Please check the Dissertation example file.

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