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Civil Rights Movement Final

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Civil Rights Movement Final

The black Americans population formed the civil rights movement so as to fight against racial discrimination and to be able to gain equal rights under the country’s law (Harris, 2015). The movement was formed in 1940 and it come to an end in the late 1960s. Though the movement was aimed at be nonviolent, it resulted in a lot of violence in the country. The civil movement contributed to a lot of resistance preventing many measures from been implemented. The movement depended much on the anti-integration rhetoric which resulted in the loss of the American values and traditions, resulting in the rise of the new social illiberalism.

The movement started around 1st, December in 1955 when Rosa Parks declined to offer a seat to a white man (Riches, 2017). This simple event marked the beginning of the movement resulting in the alteration of the country’s face for a long time. The arrest of Rose resulted in boycotting in Montgomery by the African American.

The movement resulted in the introduction of many reforms in the county. Due to the pressure from the movement the civil right acts of 1964 was implemented. The act had provisions preventing discrimination and commonness in the education, in all public facilities as well as in the housing sector (Reed, 2019). Additionally, the act resulted in the creation of the employment commission which was aimed at ensuring equal hiring opportunities assisted in the solving of the civil right disputes.

The movement was a historical event as the results of the movement contributed to changes in the country. One of the greatest achievements of the moment which is still in the modern US is that the movement resulted in the establishment of an equal civil right for the African American as well as other minority groups. Equal civil rights give all the ethnic groups in the country equal voting rights (Chong, 2014).

The contributions and the results of the movement can be viewed from a different perspective by people. This is because the movement had both positive and negative effects. Someone may view in a positive way because of the historical contributions of the movement. The movement resulted to equal evolvement rights, equal distribution of financial support to all schools and equal right to access of public facilities to all groups (Harris, 2015).

In conclusion, the movement was incited because of a simple event of declining to give a white man a seat on a bus. The movement resulted in the creation of civil rights so as to prevent discrimination on the basis of color, the nation of origin, gender and race. The movement also contributed to the creation of the employment commission. Despite the wonderful progress, the country has made the civil right acts should continue to advocate to access equal opportunities.


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