Company Ownership Analysis PowerPoint Presentation (50 words).

Define each of the following terms: Proprietorship; partnership; corporation; charter; bylaws Limited partnership; limited liability partnership; professional corporation Stockholder wealth maximization Money market; capital market; secondary market Public markets; derivatives Investment bank; financial intermediary Money market fund Physical location exchange; computer/telephone network Open outcry auction; dealer market; automated trading platform Production opportunities; time preferences for […]

Endpoint Protection Platform Review (800 words).

Introduction. Endpoint Protection Platforms ensure that the users and the data they access over the network are protected. While organizations focus more on network and data security, aspects such as endpoint protection are equally as important. Considering that Sifers-Grayson uses the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, employees and all the clients will continue to […]

WAN connections impact on businesses (350 words).

WAN connections impact on businesses Question 1. Having two redundant WAN connections allows business continuity in the organization in case one of the links fails. Since most of the resources are stored online, network connectivity will be needed to ensure business continuity. Having two WAN connections reduces the impact the organization can experience during downtime. […]

Case Study #1: Technology & Product Review for Endpoint Protection Solutions (600 words).

Case Scenario: Sifers-Grayson (the “client”) has requested that your company research and recommend an Endpoint Protection Platform, which will provide endpoint protection for the Apple MacBook laptop computers used by some of its employees. The MacBooks are bring your own device (BYOD) computers which some employees use to access company networks and servers while teleworking […]

Creative CV service store (340 words).

Creative CV service store. The number of graduates yearly is increasing, and the job market is becoming more demanding. Researching online in various job searching portals made me realize the challenge that most young graduate goes through in their quest for searching for employment opportunities. One of the most significant problems is creating an excellent […]

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