Article review on re-engineering in business processes (800 words)

Magdalena Luca explained how re-engineering the business process causes the change to occur in the organizational functions in her 2014 article. In her article “Business Process Re-engineering,” she establishes how change affects the way people in the modern world do business. Changes that occur helps to make work more comfortable for the employees, ensure the […]

Violation of Health regulations and laws (600 words)

Violation of Health regulations and laws. Adopting technology in the health sector was meant to make work more manageable for healthcare professionals. If correctly used, technology can help improve communication in healthcare facilities and do work easier, hence enhancing the quality of healthcare offered to the people. Inappropriate use of technology by the staff in […]

Types and forms of business organizations (550)

Types of Business Organizations. There are four major types of business organizations which include: Sole Proprietorship. It is a type of business that a single person owns. The owner of the company directly controls all the processes and is accountable for all the business laws and requirements, including losses, debts, and loans. The advantage of […]

Impact of financial aid on students education (1200 words)

Financial aid awards reduction is causing students to be in debt. I was oblivious to financial aid and student loans when I first started college. I was told to fill out the FAFSA application if I wanted my tuition to be paid. My tuition fee was $38,338 for the year, the financial aid I received […]

Literacy narrative essay sample student (1200 words)

Literacy: “The quality or state of being literate, especially the ability to read and write (Oxford English Dictionary 2017).” At one point in our lives, we were not literate, but as we grew up and attended school and experienced life, we became literate. Two people who played an essential role in ensuring I become literate […]

Will advancement in technology create mass permanent unemployment and great suffering among the people? 700 words

Impact of technology on the people Technology has changed the way human beings have been doing things, and it has helped to bring efficiency and reduce the cost associated with performing tasks. I believe advancement in technology will bring mass permanent unemployment globally, and only the innovative will survive. Just to take your mind back […]

What is the impact of climate change of the quality of lives of the people? 650 words

Climate Change Climate change has been a topic of interest, especially during the 20th century and now the 21st century. I believe the climate is changing, and this is evident from the various catastrophic climate impacts such as extreme floods and extreme drought, among others faced in different parts of the world. Weather patterns are […]

What are the function of the human brain and the impact on human behavior? 750 words

Functions of the brain. The brain controls the functioning of the human brain as a living organism. Some of the vital functions include breathing, thinking, talking, sleeping, and eating. Some of the main parts of the brain that control these functions include the frontal lobe, occipital lobe, temporary lobe, Broca’s area, parietal lobe, and Wernicke’s […]

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